This ImmediaTEETH (R) patient had his entire arch of teeth replaced in one visit, as he could not eat and was suffering in pain.

Immediateeth Upper & Lower (temps) … new life!

You can reclaim your smile and your confidence with ImmediaTEETH®. This innovative advanced approach to implant dentistry allows you to go from having a brand-new smile in JUST ONE VISIT! Imagine having NO downtime versus waiting for a surgical site to heal and having to walk around without any teeth! Using the combination of technology from our 3D cone beam x-ray along with study models, Dr. Avi Israeli at Sage Dental is able to virtually place dental implants AND create your final denture that fits onto those implants all digitally in advance so you walk out with new teeth!

Your new teeth will sit solidly on 4-6 new dental implants and restore your entire arch. We use a specially designed “fixed” denture that is screwed onto the top of the implant fixtures. Digital dentistry is a reality here at Sage Dental and you are the patients who benefit!

In some cases where the bone is narrower, we might place 6-10 “mini-implants” to support a denture. This option is available when our patients have a little less bone support and need an alternative to a loose denture sitting on their ridges.

How does the ImmediaTEETH® procedure work?

This approach requires a little more experience and a little more technology since we need to “nail” the esthetics and bite perfectly the first time, since we are unable to do any type of “try-in” beforehand since there are remaining teeth in place. On the day of surgery, when we are removing any remaining teeth, we place the implants into position and then seat the denture on top of the implants. Everything has to work like clockwork for it to work perfectly. Dr. Israeli’s reputation for unquestionable mastery in this area has prompted many of his colleagues to refer their “tougher” case to him to complete.

After approximately 4 months of healing after surgery, the immediate denture will be switched out to a much more durable long-term zirconia version of your ImmediaTEETH®.

What are the benefits of ImmediaTEETH®?

The life-changing nature of this procedure speaks for itself. Having a permanent solution to halt years of declining dental health and frustration is something to smile about! Being able to speak correctly and not worrying about covering your mouth in public or trying to eat when with others brings instant confidence. Being a “fixed” restoration means it doesn’t need to come out at night. It does however, require good oral hygiene habits to maintain the posts clean so they don’t build up plaque.

Don’t let teeth problems control your life! Find out why our patients in Spring Lakes Heights, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar, Neptune City, Bradley Beach, Brick Township and Wall Township areas trust their oral health and facial esthetics to Dr Avi Israeli at Sage Dental & Spa. His dedication to helping his patients receive the dentistry that they need is evident in the number of patients that endorse him for this service! As we are rapidly growing, we are currently accepting NEW PATIENTS!


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