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"An Illness Destroyed My Smile, Dental Implants Helped My Physical & Mental Health."
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Recover Your Dental Health and Your Confidence

Here at Sage Dental NJ and NJ Implant Doc, we understand how tooth problems can affect your life. Feeling ashamed of your teeth can make it hard to smile, laugh, and speak with confidence, and make social situations a nightmare. Failing dental health can affect your job prospects, your romantic life, and your friendships. Painful, sensitive, and sore teeth can be a constant discomfort. Missing teeth can make it impossible to enjoy your favorite foods. Infected teeth and gums can put a heavy toll on your immune system and your health.

Dental implants are a strong, functional, lasting way to replace your missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, they won’t shift, slip, or fall out and won’t limit you to a soft diet. This stability also means the fit of your full mouth dental implants won’t change over time. They will never need adhesives and you won’t have to worry about adjustments, relines, or replacements like traditional dentures.

When you’re missing teeth, your body will slowly wear away the bone that used to support those teeth. This can make your face appear sunken, leading to an aged appearance and painful jaw joints. Dental implants prevent the jawbone from shrinking, helping to maintain the youthful contours of your face and keep your bone volume and jaw joints healthier in the long run.

Dental implants are also incredibly versatile. You might wonder if the cost of full mouth dental implants is affordable. The good news is that whole mouth dental implants don’t require a separate implant post for every tooth! In fact, full mouth dental implants can frequently be set all on four to six implants. 

With ImmediaTEETH®, our unique approach to full arch dental implants in Wall Township, NJ, you’ll get the superior stability of six implant posts at a fraction of the price offered by other dentists!


Deborah Israeli, MA

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

What Is ImmediaTEETH®?

Full mouth dental implants can be truly life changing. Dr. Israeli and our entire team here at Sage Dental NJ and NJ Implant Doc want you to experience the joy of feeling proud of your smile, being able to enjoy your favorite foods, and live without pain from dental health problems. However, the cost of full mouth implants can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why Dr. Israeli designed our unique ImmediaTEETH® protocol for full mouth dental implants that are strong, stable, beautiful, and affordable.

What makes ImmediaTEETH® different from other full mouth dental implant systems? We have developed an efficient, precise, streamlined system for rebuilding your complete dental function. Your full mouth dental implants surgical procedure can be completed in as little as 2-4 hours!

Other full mouth dental implant protocols call for only four implants to support a full arch. While that might seem appealing, it puts excess strain on each of the implants. Over time, this can compromise the restored teeth or even damage the implant posts. By using six strategically placed posts, our approach to full arch dental implants spreads those biting forces out, meaning better stability that will last.

Some approaches to full mouth dental implants use a snap-on denture held in place by implants. While this will have better stability than a traditional denture, it doesn’t have the strength of ImmediaTEETH®. Snap-on dentures use lighter material, so they can’t withstand the same biting forces as ImmediaTEETH®.

Instead, we’ll place a permanently fixed bridge of beautiful Zirconia teeth milled right here in our in-house dental lab. Because we will craft your full arch dental implants ourselves, we have full control over the fit and esthetics of your smile. You deserve to feel great about your smile, so we use advanced techniques to deliver completely customized results that will fit your facial esthetics perfectly. Better yet, you won’t have to wait months for your new smile! You’ll leave that same day with your permanent full arch dental implants restoration in place so you can enjoy renewed dental health and confidence without the wait.

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