About Dr. Avi Israeli

Many of those who meet Dr. Avi Israeli quickly find him to be personable, charming, and devoted to bringing high quality care to his community. For Dr. Israeli, educating patients on their best treatment options and restoring their smiles are what motivates him as a dental artist. Dr. Israeli has received specialty training in Esthetic Dentistry, making him your ideal doctor for performing any full mouth crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, dental bonding, or other restorative or cosmetic procedures.

After graduating from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA with honors in the field of Psychology, Dr. Israeli then attended the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine (SUNY) where he obtained his DDS. Dr. Israeli spent a year obtaining his Specialty Certificate in Esthetic Dentistry before working as an associate in dental practices around New Jersey.


In the Summer of 2006, Dr. Israeli opened Sage Dental. Since then, Deborah (his wife and CEO of the business) and him have led Sage Dental to become a thriving practice — a true testament to his skill as a dentist and his personable nature. Dr. Israeli continues to advance himself through continuing education courses, focusing on sedation dentistry, dental implants, facial design and artistry, and complete smile design. His passion for perfection continues to lead him and his team at Sage Dental / Sage Spa ™ towards success.


“Every smile tells a story. What does your smile say about you?”