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What is Immediateeth?

Immediateeth is Sage Dental’s signature All-On-6 Implant Solution. Immediateeth offers permanent restoration with a high success rate of 30-50 years, restoring not just your smile and ability to eat and chew comfortably but gives you permanent teeth you can brush and care for like natural ones. Immediate Solution for long-lasting transformation in just 2-4 hours.

All-on-6 dental implant benefits

When it comes to receiving dental treatment for multiple teeth, our all on 6 dental implant treatment provides one of the best solutions to getting that perfect smile back. By getting this dental implant treatment for your teeth, you can experience many benefits that other treatments do not provide. 

Here are just some of the benefits of our Immediateeth treatment:

  • Frequently does not require intensive bone grafting 
  • Reduce bone loss
  • Fast recover time
  • Feels like your natural teeth
  • Replace multiple teeth all at once

Immediateeth vs On All Four Snap-On Denture

How do our immediateeth dental implants compare to on all four snap-on dentures? When it comes to treating multiple teeth, our Immediateeth treatment is better than snap-on dentures which is what a lot of other practices sell as all-on-4s.

Snap-on dentures, also known as overdentures, are dentures that snap on four implants. The issue with this treatment is patients have to remove the dentures every night. This can result in getting bad breath because it’s not permanent teeth. Dentures are simply a temporary solution. In addition, if done improperly, all on 4 dentures can result in infection in the mouth or gum.

Whereas with immediateeth, patients won’t experience those issues and instead will have these benefits:

  1. A permanent solution for missing teeth
  2. Getting teeth that feels and looks natural
  3. Experience comfort when it comes to eating your favorite food and speaking
all on four dentures
Snap On Dentures
Temporary immediateeth

All-on-six vs. all-on-four

All-on-six, also referred to as all on x, is the process of 5-6 dental implants. (Typically, people do not get more than six dental implants at once).  While compared to all-on-four, which is a dental treatment that deals with 4 implants, all on 6 is a similar treatment with more implants. However, there is a difference.

Most dental clinics choose the treatment based on their opinion and what their practice prefers. However, here at Sage Dental & Spa we recommend our all on 6 treatment (immediateeth) because of its benefits compared to your typical all on 4 dental implants or dentures. 

We believe that with better stability, strength, and comfort of immediateeth, it will provide a better long-lasting solution to your smile that all on 4 can not meet.

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Cost Of Dental Implants

Immediateeth Zirconia All on Six Process

Immediateeth Zirconia
(All-on-six Process)

With Immediateeth, our “all-on-six” dental implant process, we remove your teeth, place the implants, and a final prosthesis. Our permanent restoration will get you back  your new smile that same day! 


$32,000 $17,990

Per Arch

Hear from our implant Patients

“It changes your life completely” – Isaac

“it was absolutely amazing. I’m just so happy” – Diane

Common All On Six Questions

First, our dentist will take a look at your teeth and use a 3D cone beam digital x-ray machine to do a proper scan of your teeth. This process helps our dentist to tailor your immediateeth treatment to your dental need and help create natural-looking teeth that fit your mouth. After that initial process, our dentist will provide a temporary all on 6 immediateeth until you complete all the proceeding visits. Once you complete all your dentist visits, you would receive a permanent immediateeth and have the perfect smile you want.

The immediateeth procedure requires multiple visits like any other all-on 6 treatments. However, compared to ClearChoice’s process, which takes a full year, our treatment is a unique process where it only takes 2 hours and 22 visits. Getting a faster and more efficient process helps our patients save money, heal faster, and experience a healthy smile sooner.

Once you get your immediateeth, you need to take care of it. Although it is a permanent solution, they are like natural teeth and need to be taken care of. So, typical ways of taking care of your natural teeth apply like brushing, flossing, and normally going to your dental clinic for checkups.

The treatment itself lasts a lifetime. However, if the dental implants are not taken care of like you would with your natural teeth, you may need to go back to the dentist clinic to receive restoration treatment. In general, you should visit your dentist every 6 months for your implants.


I’ve been a patient for 3 years at Sage…. I went in for dental implants… my whole life I’ve been terrified of the dentist.  Dr Isreali has NEVER once caused me any discomfort ! He’s an incredible professional and a sympathetic human being!!  Now I truly believe you get what you pay for, that said… Be prepared to shell out some cash for a perfect new smile… I would recommend Sage to Anyone!!! With total confidence 

– SD

all on six review

My experiences at Sage Dental and Spa  have all been top notch.  The Doctor himself and of coarse Deborah are terrific. The entire staff are a wonderful group of people. They sincerely care about your comfort. All questions and concerns are answered clearly. I still have more treatments to complete. As of right now I am loving my smile. So looking forward to the final results. I’m sure I will be one smiling girl. The one you see in the store and wonder what is she smiling about.


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