PDO Smooth and Lifting Threads

PDO Smooth Threads and Botox to get rid of deep lines in the Gabellar area (“elevens”). 

Immediate results which will increase over the next 2-6 months and last approximately 3 years!

PDO Threads are one of the simplest non-invasive ways to get a facial rejuvenation that utilizes your body’s own natural growth factors and healing factors improve your appearance. Whether you are looking to diminish wrinkles or creases in your face, boost your confidence, or create a gradual improvement in facial tone and firmness, you have these options available to you at Sage Dental and Spa in Wall, New Jersey. 

The smooth threads are commonly used in the Glabellar region, between the brows, sometimes in combination with Botox as the body’s own natural inflammatory response to them causes the creation of extra collagen in the area, which becomes a natural filler in the area of the wrinkles and fine lines. 

These threads are also used under the chin and the neck area to increase quality of skin and elasticity. The smoothing threads are more comfortable to place and cost about $25 each. A person may need to have 10+ threads to achieve the desired result and location. The lifting threads take a little more expertise to place, and have the bards in them and therefore, they are more expensive but you may only need 4-8 per side of the face. 

PDO Lifting Threads offer an amazing way to tighten and smooth skin in a non-surgical facelift. Through a tiny entry point, dissolvable solid filler PDO Threads are placed beneath the skin, which adheres to connective tissue and dissolve into naturally occurring collagen within 2-6 months post-procedure. This gently barbed threads are used to lift with results similar to Viora, but with about 2 weeks downtime and some bruising. The advantage is that the results are from one single visit and they last about one year with the same inflammatory response filling in the tissue as the barbed thread lightly engages the skin and lifts it while dissolving into the collagen. While this may be one of the more uncomfortable procedures with the “zingers” that you might feel during the procedure, the results are a little more predictable, and you won’t need multiple visits each week to see the results. 

Your results will be a smoother and tighter appearance, giving you a smooth and tighter appearance, glowing skin, and more defined features. Note that PDO threads are not used to correct symmetry, they merely define the features you already have. To correct symmetry, you will want to include FILLER to this process. Each thread is a separate fee, so during your consultation, we can let you know approximately how many threads may be indicated to achieve your specific goals. 

PDO Smoothing Threads are small solid filler threads without any barbs that are used to clear up acne scarring, define the vermillion border on your lips, get rid of lines and wrinkles at the glabella, and nasolabial folds, as well as increase collagen production. They dissolve after 2-6 months into naturally occurring collagen and are a great alternative to traditional filler or Botox. They can also be used in addition to Botox to achieve even greater results. These smooth threads are a little less expensive, and we would typically use 5-10 threads per area to achieve fantastic results.

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