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Teeth whitening is a simple, fast, and non-invasive way to enhance your beautiful smile. It is one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures because it is effective and very affordable. Having whiter teeth has been one of the major aesthetic concerns of people because it brings out the best smile in us. 

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What Teeth Whitening Do Our Dentists Use?

Having tried numerous options for teeth whitening over the past 20 years, we have found the GLO® Professional Strength Whitening System to give our patients near Wall Township the best, gains the most consistent results. Between the ease of use and the affordable cost, we have seen many of our patients improve their smiles in as little as a week!

If your teeth are yellow or stained or worried about your smile, then you should come to our office for a consultation about our options we have available for a brighter smile!

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

We all want a better smile that makes us confident in front of people. Having white teeth could give us that boost of confidence and will definitely make us look better. But there are many factors that contribute to the discoloration of our teeth. It could be from our lifestyle, hygiene, health, or just because we’re getting older. 

These are factors that affect the colors of our teeth:

  • Foods and drinks – A lot of people can’t live without coffee, and others can’t help themselves from drinking sodas. But these drinks have a long term effect on your teeth that causes its discoloration. Drinking red wine, tea, and eating starchy food can also cause staining of the teeth.
  • Tobacco use – We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but it is also bad for our dental hygiene. Tobacco has both nicotine and tar which stains our teeth. Tar could darken our gums and the crevices between our teeth. Nicotine, on the other hand, is colorless, but turns yellowish when it comes in contact with oxygen, making your teeth yellow.
  • Poor dental hygiene – Not brushing your teeth and flossing is very bad for your dental health. It causes plaque to build up and will make our teeth prone to cavities which will lead to the staining of your teeth. 
  • Aging – Naturally as we grow older, our teeth start becoming yellowish. Our teeth have a white outer shell called enamel. Over time, the enamel gets worn and becomes thinner from brushing which exposes the yellow dentin. The teeth could also look darker because of its translucency. 
  • Medication – Discoloration of the teeth can be a side effect of taking certain medications. Children taking antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline can affect the formation of enamel as they’re growing up. Medications such as antihistamines, antipsychotics, and antihypertensive can stain or darken the teeth. Mouthwash that contains cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine can also stain the teeth over time. And treatments like chemotherapy can also be a reason that darkens the teeth.
  • Trauma – Trauma can cause the discoloration of the teeth. If you had any injury or bad impact in the mouth, it disturbs the formation of the enamel. It could also affect the blood flow to decrease on your gums and nerves.
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Having healthy teeth and a better smile comes from having healthy habits. If you want to prevent discoloration of the teeth, simple lifestyle changes may be able to help your teeth. 

  1. Brush twice a day – Brushing your teeth twice a day is highly recommended. It helps keep your teeth healthy and prevents cavities and plaque build up. Using a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste with an American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, can also be very helpful.
  2. Flossing everyday – Similar to brushing, you should also floss at least once a day. 
  3. Limiting certain foods and drinks – Coffee, tea, sodas, and red wine causes teeth staining. Starchy foods like pasta also cause staining. Limiting the intake of these drinks and foods can help prevent your teeth discoloration, but it is also important that you brush your teeth regularly to avoid this.
  4. Drinking water and rinsing your mouth – It is important that you always drink water. Rinsing your mouth after you drink coffee, sodas, tea, red wine or drinks that contain acid like juices or lemonade, will help prevent the staining of your teeth.
  5. Quit smoking – Smoking is bad for your health and also for your teeth. Quitting from smoking keeps you away from tar and nicotine staining.
  6. Visiting your dentist regularly – Having regular dental checkups and cleaning every 6 months keeps your dental hygiene healthy. 

Am I A Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

Not everyone will qualify for the Glo® System to whiten their teeth because of their oral health. Patients with multiple crowns or implants, particularly in the front of the mouth, might have a harder time holding in the trays and will not be able to whiten crowns or partial dentures. These conditions can result in making certain patients unable to get a whitening for their teeth or tooth.

In other oral health cases like radiation therapy, sensitive teeth, multiple unfilled cavities, periodontal diseases, or multiple missing teeth, offer different challenges when receiving a dental whitening for your teeth. In some of these cases, all-porcelain crowns or porcelain veneers may be a better option.

What is the whitening process?

Before we embark on any whitening process, we like to complete a thorough exam with x-rays to see what teeth we are hoping to lighten. 

In addition, we check your oral health and for any periodontal issues to make sure you can tolerate a tray in your mouth for a few hours to hold the gel against the teeth. Also, we like to have all the cavities filled so there are no exposed areas that could become sensitive to the gel. 

Finally, it’s best to make sure your gums are in good shape as sometimes, the gel might irritate the gums or if your gums bleed easily, it could affect the efficiency of the gel.

Whitening Treatment Alternatives

There are other options such as using teeth whitening toothpaste or gels or even tooth whitening strips that are sold over-the-counter. These typically have a lower concentration of the whitening agent and therefore require a more consistent longer-term usage, which can take longer for the ultimate desired results.

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Benefits Of Teeth Whitening with other treatments

If we are doing other treatments in the mouth, such as crowns or veneers in the future, it’s also a good idea to whiten first, then try to match the crowns to the final color of the crowns.

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