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What is Dental Reconstructive Surgery?

Dental reconstructive surgery (also known as Full Mouth Reconstruction) describes the complex reconstruction that is sometimes involved when we do a combination of orthognathic surgery, either in conjunction with other reconstructive plastic surgery or as a separate procedure. 

This surgery is especially beneficial to patients who have undergone accidents, facial injuries, or congenital diseases affecting their dental and facial features, specifically in the mouth, face, and jaw, including their teeth. 

Oral and facial injuries can be very worrying and serious that can interfere with a person’s way of life. The oral surgeon can help rebuild a patient’s jawbone or recontour an area, remove or repair skin lacerations on the face, lips, cheeks, or nasal area. Chipped or missing teeth are also replaced to restore a person’s smile and proper oral function. 

Unlike cosmetic plastic surgery, this form of surgical procedure serves a functional purpose.

What can you expect from the surgical procedure?

The procedure for dental reconstructive surgery will depend on the severity of the treatment and the evaluation of our dentist. The medical procedure can be minimally invasive such as teeth restoration to more complex procedures. 

Our dentist will meet with you to perform an x-ray, scans, and other examinations, and will walk you through the suggested procedures step-by-step for your full mouth reconstruction. Before the surgery, patients are also provided different anesthesia options to choose from. Our dentist, Dr. Avi Israeli is skilled in sedation dentistry, perfect for patients who tend to get anxious during dental treatments. 

We sometimes work together with a medical doctor or an orthodontist to work in conjunction to produce the desired result from the surgery. Our facial spa, SAGE SPA also offers a variety of facial esthetic services that may be used in conjunction with our surgeries for a more pleasing effect. 

If you would like to come in as a patient or if you have any further questions about reconstructive surgery procedures, please call our office.

How much does the surgical procedure cost?

The overall cost will depend on the type of procedure (or procedures) that will be recommended by the dentist and/or another medical doctor after proper evaluation of a patient case. At the end of the day, we will work with you to provide oral and facial care in terms of functional purpose, as well as restoring the appearance of your smile, and improve the overall quality of life – with reasonable prices. 

If you have dental insurance, you may reach out to your provider to check what dental/surgical procedures are under your coverage. You may also contact our office for an estimate.

What are the top procedures involved in dental reconstructive surgery?

Dental reconstructive surgery can involve different types of procedures that can be performed in combination. The treatment plan may include the following procedures: 

Dental implants – can be single or multiple dental implants or Immediateeth to replace missing teeth

Treatment for TMJ – these can be in the form of minimally invasive surgeries such as arthrocentesis and arthroscopy

Orthodontics – can be through the use of braces, retainers, Invisalign, etc.

Periodontal surgery – to prevent loss of teeth and treat gum disease

Oral Surgery – can include extractions, hard or soft tissue grafting, etc.

Restoration of the teeth – can be through bridges, inlays and onlays, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry – aside from restoring functional purpose, patients can combine esthetic services such as veneers or teeth bonding to also improve the appearance of their teeth and mouth

When you have injuries in the facial or oral areas such as broken teeth, it is important to visit your dentist immediately so you are given the proper treatment.

If you think you are a candidate for dental reconstructive surgery, visit our office, Sage Dental & Spa at Wall Township, NJ. Our dentist will be happy to create a treatment plan that is tailored-fit to your needs!

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