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What is a pocket reduction surgery?

Pocket Reduction surgery is a dental treatment performed to reduce the height of the gums to the bottom of the pocket around the teeth. If you are unable to clean to the bottom of the pocket, it will trap bacteria and food and cause bone loss and eventually tooth loss. 

When a pocket that is deeper than 4 mm exists around a tooth, we typically do a deep cleaning to help reduce the pockets and clean the tissue. This is referred to as a non-surgical approach and the recovery time is one to two days.

If a patient has deeper pockets, such as 5mm or deeper, sometimes, our dentistry may do a more aggressive approach with the end goal being making it so our patient can clean the tooth effectively to the bottom of the pocket. 

Following the reduction, regular at home maintenance is needed to keep your smile free from any potential of developing periodontal disease.

How is the dental surgery performed?

The dentist performs a pocket reduction by first cleaning out bacteria from the gums by folding the surrounding gum away from the affected tooth. The gum is then folded back to the bone to heal. 

It is important to clean the pocket in order to avoid buildup of harmful bacteria that could lead to periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, within your gums. As said before, this can cause bone loss to the teeth affected if not treated properly.  

By coming in sooner and for regular maintenance, our goal is to keep our patients in the simpler maintenance mode, where they can maintain their teeth healthy at home! 

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