Multiple Dental Implants

At Sage Dental in Wall, New Jersey, we consider it our responsibility and our privilege to provide comprehensive dental care in the form of multiple dental implants to our patients in the Monmouth County and Tri-state areaDr. Avi Israeli is an experienced oral implantologist who has restored close to 1,000 dental implants over the past 13 years! His expertise is not only with doing simple, single-tooth implants, but also more complex multiple-tooth implant cases.

Having the smile that you can be proud of is not as difficult or daunting as you may think. When you lose multiple teeth, your options used to be to do a partial denture, a full denture or a long-span bridge. During the last 40 years, millions of people world-wide have experienced the benefits of dental implants to restore missing teeth in their mouth. The stability, the natural feel, the durability and the longevity of implants has made them become the standard of care for many procedures.

A long span bridge with a lifespan of 7-12 years on average means that you will have to replace the restorations several times throughout your life. (Depending how well it is placed and your particular home care habits and diet, it could last 20 years or more.) A partial denture, or even a full denture, is generally worn down or discolored after about 12 years or less, depending if it is a new denture or replacement denture. Another factor is what the dentition is opposing it.  Against several crowns, a denture will wear down even quicker.

With dental implant restorations, these are being considered “permanent” restorations – or as permanent as natural teeth. What this means, with proper care and maintenance, they could last you the rest of your life.


Without going into too much depth technically, we evaluate the remaining bone, look at the location in the mouth, the age of the patient, the opposing arch and the amount of space between arches when we decide upon which options to select. In addition, the level of teeth and gums that are displayed when the patient smiles, the needed lip support, and the patient’s overall health and financial considerations are also reviewed when determining the best option for our patients.


Using our 3D cone beam digital x-ray machine, we are able to evaluate the bone height, width and density of the area we are evaluating. This low radiation process allows Dr Israeli to virtually place implants using our advanced software! We can determine which options make sense and actually measure correctly which implant would be best for your particular situation. We can plan out the surgical phase of your treatment carefully and even show you on a monitor how your teeth will properly fit into your jaw. This amazing technology has been available for the approximately the past ten years in dentistry and has revolutionized our treatment planning and guided our case planning process, giving us the additional confidence in the outcome!

For patients who are missing just a few teeth, we can place a couple implants and connect them together as we would with a conventional bridge, using the implant fixtures as the supporting roots rather than your own teeth. This is great because it doesn’t involve your natural teeth in either grinding down or connecting to them, giving a longer-term potential to the final restoration.

For patients missing all of their teeth, we have an option we patented, called ImmediaTEETH®, where we remove your teeth, place the implants AND a final prosthesis right away so you don’t have to go without teeth, you will get back your new smile that same day! This complex procedure is made simpler through the full usage of our technology and the 3D cone beam scan and the software. Dr Israeli loves being able to provide this option to patients so they don’t have to walk around without any teeth after having multiple teeth extracted.

Because we also offer sedationbone-grafting, and sinus-lift augmentationright here in our office, you won’t have to go visiting multiple offices to get your procedure done correctly.

We understand losing your teeth can potentially be embarrassing and cause both emotional and physiological effects. Not being able to smile or chew with confidence can impact a person’s personality and confidence. This is why our compassionate doctor will gently guide you to the best option for you based upon your health, your goals and your finances. We offer multiple financing options to all ow our patients to move forward on their treatment plans with confidence.

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