Orthodontics in the branch of dentistry that involves the diagnosis, prevention and correction of teeth that are rotated, angled or misaligned in the mouth. For many years, having orthodontics meant wearing metal braces on your teeth for a couple years or more. Today, we are able to accomplish 80% of our orthodontic cases using Invisalign® clear aligners to gently move the teeth into desired position.   

At Sage Dental and Spa in Wall, New Jersey, Dr. Avi Israeli likes to see children early to evaluate both the position of their teeth but also the skeletal relationships between the upper and lower jaws. In some cases, by doing early intervention if we notice a skeletal discrepancy between the upper and lower jaws, we can do minor corrections that could avoid having braces later in life by “making room” for the teeth to properly erupt. 

What is Invisalign®?

Are you looking for non-invasive, aesthetic solution for straighter teeth? Do you have gaps, crowding, or misaligned teeth? We have the solution for you!

If a patient wishes to straighten their teeth using Invisalign®, we get a digital impression of their teeth and send that to Align Technologies, where together, we virtually plan out a strategy to accomplish your goals. Using a series of clear aligner trays, we are able to gently move your teeth. These trays are comfortable, convenient and easy to use. Ideally, we would like the patients to wear their aligners for 22 hours per day.

In what ways is the Invisalign® process better than traditional braces? 

  • Less stress on the individual teeth, creating less chance for microfractures. 
  • We are able to put multiple pressure on multiple teeth at the same time instead of trying to move only a couple teeth at once. 
  • Because they are removable, if you speak in public you could take them out for a brief while. 
  • They allow you to brush your teeth as normal and eat without having to worry about food getting stuck in-between braces and wires.
  • Less chance for meta brackets rubbing on the lips or cheeks potentially causing irritation or ulcers.

What are the advantages of having straighter teeth? 

Many people think that orthodontics is mostly for cosmetic reasons. While there are definitely cosmetic benefits to straighter teeth, such as a more appealing smile and increased self-confidence, there definitely is more to it than just a pretty smile. Teeth that are not crowded are easier to clean. When bacteria sit on teeth for a long period and combine with sticky foods, it creates plaque. Over time, this can calcify and cause decay of the teeth or even the bone. This can lead to periodontal disease. Finally, when teeth are misaligned, they can wear down unevenly, or cause excess pressures on the jaw joints. 

How would I know if I’m a candidate for Invisalign®

First, you would have a consultation with Dr. Israeli to determine if you qualify for this type of process. Certain cases may require more advanced techniques such as palatal expansion or external forces to achieve desired results. We will create a 3D digital model of your mouth and design a customized treatment plan for you. We can show you using an “outcome simulator” what your final results will look like after treatment! 

Most treatment plans we do with Invisalign® take between 8 months to 24 months. You will receive a series of aligners and switch them out approximately every two weeks for a new tray. Each tray moves the teeth a little more towards the final result, slowly straightening your teeth. 

If you are ready for a beautiful healthy, new smile and you are in the Monmouth County area of New Jersey, give Sage Dental a call for your consultation with Dr. Israeli

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