Gum Grafting

Gum grafting surgery is a dental treatment performed to treat gum recession or to thicken the gum tissue around a tooth or implant. It helps provide support as well as esthetics for the area. 

Dr. Avi Israeli at Sage Dental and Facial Spa in Wall, NJ, will evaluate your gums and oral tissues when doing his comprehensive exam. If we identify areas of your mouth that can be improved with grafting, we will discuss that with you at your appointment. 

How is the gum grafting procedure done?

There are two main types of gum grafts that we do at our office. There is a free gingival graft, and a connective tissue graft.

A free gingival graft is designed to supplement thinning gums when there is not recession yet. By adding thickness to the gums, it will provide a sturdier barrier for bacteria from getting in. It also protects the tissue integrity when orthodontic forces are pushed on the teeth or also from toothbrush abrasion. 

A connective tissue graft is done in cases where the root surfaces have been exposed. The graft is used to cover any exposed root surface while giving better tissue contour to the smile. The success rate of this procedure depends upon having thicker bone underneath to give stability to the graft while healing. Generally, the tissue is removed from the palate for the graft and it fills back in quickly. 

Each of these procedures are done here in our office. The recovery time is generally a few days. Soft tissue diet and no smoking during the healing time will assist greatly. 

Give us a call to see what your options are for saving your teeth and keeping your gums healthy. If you are in Spring Lakes Heights, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar, Neptune City, Bradley Beach, Brick Township and Wall Township areas, contact Dr Avi Israeli at Sage Dental & Spa. We are currently accepting NEW PATIENTS


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