Fluoride Treatment

At Sage Dental, we offer fluoride treatment to our patients to help prevent cavities and tooth decay. According to the ADA, fluoride is recommended for children as young as six months up to age 16 years and also for those adult patients who are at higher cavity risk.

How is fluoride administered? 

Fluoride can be given in drops to children or in tablet supplement form. This is through the systemic method, meaning it helps go through the blood stream and is deposited into the areas that the teeth develop. This forms a harder material for bacteria to penetrate. Too much fluoride may contribute to fluorosis (white spots) on the teeth, so prior to taking extra tablets or drops, ask you pediatrician or dentist to verify if the water in your community is fluoridated or not. Studies have clearly shown that those cities that incorporate lower fluoride addition to the water supply see fewer cavities in their children population.

Fluoride gel or fluoride varnish can be directly applied topically in a dental office. The gel is often given in a tray format, and the varnish is painted onto the tooth. This is especially effective immediately after a professional cleaning. Typically, we will ask you to not rinse or brush for a minimum of 30 minutes after application to allow it time to penetrate into the tooth.

Research has shown that fluoride is more resistant to the acids that attack your tooth and they incorporated into the outer surface of the tooth creating a thin barrier.

Other methods of getting fluoride include fluoride mouth rinses and fluoridated toothpastes. These over-the-counter options tend to have a lower concentration of fluoride and require more consistent usage during or after brushing to be effective. Patient who have braces, bridges, or have had radiation therapy or diabetes can benefit from this adjunct treatment to professional cleanings and home care. As mentioned before, adults can benefit from topically applied fluoride right after a cleaning when their teeth are cleared of debris and plaque.

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in nature and it is found in the bones and the teeth. Many communities choose to add small amounts to the drinking water to help strengthen the enamel surface of the teeth. It helps to slow down the loss of minerals from the outer layer of enamel. It can also help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that break down the sugars and the carbohydrates that we eat which produce acids.

When you are considering fluoride for your family or your children’s teeth, please call Dr. Avi Israeli in Wall Township, NJ for the best option for you!

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