If you need a tooth pulled out from infection or trauma or decay, you will want someone with experience to take great care of you. Dr. Avi Israeli in Wall, NJ is experienced with extractions.  

We understand that having to have a tooth removed can be traumatic for many people. That is why many of our patients appreciate Dr. Israeli’s calm confidence and excellent chairside manner to put you at ease. We have sedation available for those patients who might be anxious at the thought of losing a tooth.

The most common teeth removed are the “wisdom teeth”. These are your third molars, which are the back molar on each arch that come in around age sixteen to twenty-two. In most cases, they either start crowding the other teeth, or they come in crooked and cause irritation in the process. If they grow in sideways and don’t show above the gums, they are considered impacted. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. In certain cases, after evaluation with either a panoramic x-ray or a 3D conebeam scan, we may decide that they aren’t causing any issues and can stay in there indefinitely.

Most people have smaller jaws than will fit all 32 teeth. As a result, these back-molar teeth come in crooked or rotated and are often difficult to clean, much less treat if they get a cavity. For this reason, many times, they are removed as a precaution since they aren’t as critical of teeth. For example, most people who get deep decay on a wisdom tooth that turns into needing a root canal, will opt to have the tooth removed instead. As long as the first and second molars are present, it shouldn’t affect the arch or chewing function. 

How much is a tooth extraction?

At our office, you will receive a complete exam before we quote you a fee. This is because we will evaluate the difficulty of the extraction and the health of the adjacent teeth before we determine the exact protocol. In addition, if you want sedation during the extraction, we would need to know that in advance. Most extractions vary in price depending if the tooth is fully erupted or if it is impacted. We offer and suggest coming in for a consultation beforehand to determine what your specific needs are. If some cases, we might want to do a bone grafting to preserve the bone for a future denture or even a dental implant. If that is needed, then the price can vary as well. 

At your consultation visit, we will also suggest some protocol to make sure your visit goes smoothly before and after the procedure so you are comfortable. 

What should I do about POST EXTRACTION CARE?

Ideally, we suggest having a family member or friend accompany you for your procedures. They can help to make sure you can rest and get your medication and get home safely. 

After an extraction, we suggest biting on a moist gauze – that we will give you- to keep a gentle pressure and minimize bleeding or swelling. You should change the gauze every 20 minutes. In addition, you can apply an ice pack on your face in the area to prevent swelling. A little leakage is normal, but if you feel it is too much or lasts more than 24 hours, please contact our office immediately.  

We suggest eating soft foods and limiting opening and closing your jaw to let the tissue stabilize. Avoid smoking or sucking through a straw as that can potentially disrupt the clot or loosen any sutures. 

Any further questions, please call our office!

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