Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. If you are missing only some teeth in an arch, then we can do a “partial denture”. One of the benefits of dentures is that they can provide lip and cheek support in addition to providing speech, chewing and aesthetic restoration.

Dr. Avi Israeli of Sage Dental can make you smile with your new teeth. His skill and expertise have contributed to creating numerous satisfied patients with great fitting dentures over the years. Dentures are very personal and must be custom-made without skipping any steps or taking short-cuts to do it correctly. His meticulous attention to detail and fit is appreciated by his patients.

A complete denture will include all of the teeth. It could be one arch or both. By wearing a denture, it helps stimulate the bone and gum tissue in a healthy way. Without any type of stimulation, the bone will deteriorate. This is why we suggest either placing an implant to fully stimulate and preserve the bone height or a denture to give some stimulation to the tissue.

A typical denture is going to last about 5-10 years depending upon your age, whether it was an initial placement or a replacement denture. If it is an initial placement and teeth were removed, it is called an immediate denture.

If a ridge has worn down over the years and won’t stabilize a denture on top of it, we may suggest doing an implant supported denture. This is where we will place 4-6 implants and then either make a new denture or retro-fit your old denture to fit correctly.

Anytime you have a new denture made, it will take a little getting used to. One of the things that patients notice, is that with their denture, they have less taste bud sensation. This is partly due to the fact that on the palate is tastebuds. In addition to that, when the denture is inserted (on the upper arch in particular, the acrylic across the palate will block access to the taste buds on the roof of your mouth.) The Implant supported dentures typically do not have this on the palate.

Find out why our patients in Spring Lakes Heights, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar, Neptune City, Bradley Beach, Brick Township and Wall Townshipareas trust their oral health and tooth restorations to Dr Avi Israeli at Sage Dental & Spa. His dedication to helping his patients receive the dentistry that they need is evident in the number of patients that endorse him for this service! As we are rapidly growing, we are currently accepting NEW PATIENTS!


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