Dentoalveolar Surgery

Dentoalveolar surgery describes a variety of procedures that include any surgery done in the mouth including teeth, bone or gums. Some of the common surgeries that we do at our office in Wall, NJ by our experienced dental surgeon, Dr. Avi Israeli include:

Tooth Extractions – whether it was from decay, fracture, infection or for orthodontic crowding, we can handle your surgical needs. More on extractions here.  

Wisdom Teeth Extractions – The third molars, also called wisdom teeth, have a high likelihood of coming in crooked, or impacted, or getting cavities due to limited access. We can handle wisdom teeth extractions and offer sedation to make your procedure more comfortable. 

Exposure of Wisdom Teeth – In some cases, the gums will cover the wisdom teeth and they need to be uncovered just to allow them to fully erupt. If a tooth is impacted, uncovering it can limit the chances of infection and increase the potential to grow in straighter.

Soft Tissue Grafts – This procedure can help with gum clefts, recession or root exposure. In addition, it can be used to plump up the tissue around an implant for esthetic reasons when a tooth is lost. More on gum grafting here.

Bone Grafts – when a tooth is lost, a bone graft can help prevent resorption and preserve a ridge. This is especially valuable when you are considering a denture or implant in the future. Dr. Israeli will often place bone grafts around implants to help fill in any voids and strengthen the support. More on bone grafting here.  

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