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Pre-Operative Care
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Preparing For Your Procedure

Pre-Operative Care

What is pre-operative care in the ImmediaTEETH™ procedure?  Often considered the most important phase of your treatment, it ensures that you are in good oral health and it can help reduce recovery time and aid in long-term success.

Dr. Israeli and the staff at Sage Dental will take time with you to explain the procedure in detail, develop a personalized treatment plan, and answer all of your questions.

First, a comprehensive oral health examination and assessment is provided to determine if the ImmediaTEETH™ system is a suitable solution for you. We will assess the degree to which any current health conditions such as diabetes or gum disease or personal lifestyle decisions such as smoking could cause complications and affect the success of the procedure.

We'll also look at bone volume and density in your jaw to ensure that any missing teeth haven't led to deterioration or loss that could affect the success of your procedure.

In addition, we'll take a 3-D CT (CAT) scan to produce a highly detailed image of your bone structure. We use this to evaluate your bone quality and density and then plan your procedure using advanced computer imaging software to ensure precise placement of your implants.

Finally, we create detailed impression moulds of your gum line and take photographs to ensure that your new smile looks natural and your new prosthetic teeth bite together perfectly.