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Restoring Your Beautiful Smile

Is the ImmediaTEETH™ system for me?

If you have loose uncomfortable removable dentures, a bridge, or are losing or missing teeth, ImmediaTEETH™ may be the perfect solution for permanently restoring your beautiful smile.The ImmediaTEETH™ system available at Sage Dental allows you to replace your removable dentures or missing teeth with a permanently secured prosthesis.An important advantage of our ImmediaTEETH™ system is that very few people are unable to take advantage of it. If you're tired of wearing loose and uncomfortable dentures, have been told you’re unsuitable for dental implants, or are missing teeth and want a permanent bridge replacement, then our ImmediaTEETH™ system may be the perfect solution.Dr. Avi Israeli is a leading authority on dental implants and aesthetic dentistry . Many patients come to us at Sage Dental, or are referred to Dr. Israeli personally, for assessment and expert advice on the best treatment options to restore their smile using our ImmediaTEETH™ system.Our ImmediaTEETH™ system lets you enjoy all the benefits of having a healthy, perfect smile with a complete set of permanently secured prosthetic teeth.