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Looking for an implant dentist in Monmouth County? Dr. Avi Israeli at Sage Dental, in Wall Township in New Jersey, has been placing and restoring dental implants for 13 years. He has placed over 1,000 dental implants. 

    Dental implants offer a predictable approach to replacing missing teeth. During the past year, more than 5 million implants have been placed in the United States alone! Their proven track record and benefits are proven. The success rate of this procedure is no longer in question. Improved implant design and 3D technology have made placing dental implants both safe and predictable. 

    At the leading edge of this technology is our oral implantologist expert, Dr. Israeli. We use the latest technology to ensure a low-stress process for our patients. Your optimal comfort and quality care are our primary concern. 

    There are three different types of these procedures that we do at our office: 

    Single tooth implants. When you lose one tooth, especially if it is in the front of your mouth, it can be very traumatic! If it is in the back of the mouth, it could affect your chewing ability. When a tooth is lost, a root form implant is placed there to take its place. This helps to preserve the ridge and maintain the bone in that area. Typically, after the implant has “integrated” into the bone, a crown can be placed over the implant. In some cases, we will do an immediate implant with a temporary crown on the same day. 

    Multiple tooth implants. If you are missing several teeth, your options are a partial denture or a bridge. A partial denture is removable and many patients prefer something more “permanent” that doesn’t come in and out of their mouth. A bridge is more permanent, but even then, it is like having two crowns with a middle crown and it will need replacement every 12- 20 years.

    ImmediaTEETH®. Implant supported dentures done in a day. Go from having multiple cavities and multiple missing teeth to having a full arch of teeth in one day! Sounds too good to be true! While our goals is to save your teeth and preserve as many teeth as possible, there are times when it is necessary or more practical to pull the remaining troublesome teeth and place an implant supported denture. This procedure can also be done after-the-fact. In other words, if you have a denture that is not stable or wobbles when you eat, then an implant supported denture is the answer.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Some of the additional procedures that we are able to offer our patients related to improving the success of our dental implants include offering:

    • Sedation Dentistry is available so you can relax during the procedure. This is an additional charge, as a board-certified anesthesiologist puts you to sleep while we perfect your smile!
    • Sinus Lift Augmentation in those cases where you may not have enough height or width of the upper ridge to place an implant. In other words, many times a person’s sinus cavity (the space where your sinus resides) is too vast, or the bone surrounding it, is too shallow, thus making Dental Implants difficult, unless the Sinus is “raised” to allow for more room for the Implant to situate. 
    • Bone Grafting Procedures – we have several options available to help preserve and augment the bone when a tooth is lost, so that we can maintain the thickness of bone after a tooth is removed, while waiting to place an implant. This many occurs when tooth loss has been significant, or you have been without teeth for a long period of time, causing the bone underneath to recede. We always want to make sure there is enough hard bone to anchor your Dental Implants, as soft bone, or lack of bone, will cause Implants to fail. 
    • The CT scan with our 3D conebeam x-ray, as mentioned above, enables us to “digitally” place the implant in the proper location for ideal integration and success before we do it in your mouth. Our treatment planning software evaluates the bone density, and gives us the best possible result for the location of your implant, avoiding the sinus, nerves or other teeth roots. 
    • Mini-implants are less invasive and can be used in certain cases for more conservative treatment. Still having the same effect in the end, the success rate is slightly lower than traditional Implants, however the recovery time is also less and may be ideal for certain patients who have less bone, smaller mouth structures, or have less space to work with.

    Find out why our patients in Spring Lakes Heights, Sea Girt, Manasquan, Belmar, Neptune City, Bradley Beach, Brick Township and Wall Township areas trust their oral health and facial esthetics to Dr Avi Israeli at Sage Dental & Spa. His dedication to helping his patients receive the dentistry that they need is evident in the number of patients that endorse him for this service! As we are rapidly growing, we are currently accepting NEW PATIENTS


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