Composite Fillings

If you have decay (cavities) in your teeth, one of the most conservative ways to treat it is with a tooth-colored resin composite filling material. Newer composite materials are a mix of plastic and ceramic particles to give a stronger and more aesthetic finish to the fillings. Sometimes referred to as “bonding”, these are non-metallic fillings. These resin materials are both durable and mimic the natural tooth structure. Because they are bonded to the tooth, we don’t need to remove excess material just to give support for the filling like in the past.

Composite fillings can be used to add bulk to a tooth, cover a defect, or close a gap between teeth. These “white fillings” will typically last anywhere from 5-10 years depending upon the location they are in the mouth and your home care habits and diet.

Small to mid-sized fillings can withstand a reasonable amount of chewing pressure. If a filling gets too large, we might suggest either a porcelain restoration such as an onlay or even a crown.

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