Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a replacement for one or more missing teeth. Typically, one or more of the adjacent teeth are crowned and used as “anchor” teeth to support the new crown. Dr. Avi Israeli at Sage Dental in Wall Township, New Jersey is a general dentist who can help you with your missing teeth.

Why replace a missing tooth?

  • When you replace a missing tooth with either a bridge, a partial denture or an implant, you prevent the adjacent and opposing teeth from shifting into that position.
  • Replacing a tooth will help preserve the chewing function of the teeth in that area as well as the aesthetics.
  • Replacing a missing tooth will help with speech and prevent jaw changes from occurring, such as collapsing of the arch.

We make sure that the tooth replacement fits your mouth shape, color and size so it matches the adjacent and opposing teeth. A well-fitted bridge should give you many years of use. We encourage regular check-ups to help maintain underneath the bridge area to prevent food trapping and potentially causing decay.

There are several types of bridges that we do for our patients. We can do a conservative bridge in the front that looks like veneers on the two adjacent teeth. This is referred to as a Maryland bridge.

A traditional bridge will be replacing one or more teeth with the adjacent teeth acting as support teeth. Recently, with the success of implants, many offices are doing fewer bridges and more dental implants, since you don’t need to reduce the adjacent teeth. On the other hand, if there is an old crown on either side of the space, then a new bridge connecting the tow adjacent teeth is a viable option.

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