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What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting surgery is a simple method to grow supplemental bone for support for either a ridge that will stabilize a denture, or increase the bulk to stabilize a dental implant. It can also be used to increase the height of bone between two teeth when designing a bridge. 

When a tooth is lost, the bone starts to resorb. This means it dissolves due to a lack of stimulation from a tooth in the area. This bone is what gives structural support for the teeth in the jaw. Without a tooth, the bone shrinks inward and downward. As this occurs, there is less bone for stabilizing a denture on a ridge, less bone for placing an implant to replace a tooth, and less bone to maintain a normal-looking ridge under a dental bridge

What causes jaw bone loss?

There are many causes of bone loss, especially when we do not address health concerns right away when they are preventable. Here are some of the causes for upper or lower jaw bone deterioration: 

Tooth extraction – This is the most common reason for bone loss. When teeth are extracted and are not replaced, bone resorption can happen because there is no longer any stimulation where the tooth was before, and this will eventually lead to bone loss.

Periodontal disease – When it is not treated immediately, periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is one of the leading reasons for the jaw bone to deteriorate. This is because of the serious infection to the gum and bone that damages the soft tissue around one’s teeth.

Facial trauma – When there is trauma to the jaw and teeth are knocked out or damaged, bone loss may occur.

Other conditions – health conditions such as osteoporosis that can affect bone density, including the jaw bone, result in bone loss. Facial tumors that may require a portion of the jaw bone to be removed may also cause jaw bone loss.

What are the symptoms of jaw bone loss?

It may be hard to notice the early signs of jaw bone loss, but you may experience the following symptoms over time: 

  • Teeth become misaligned or loosened
  • Changes to your facial structure and bite
  • Some discomfort chewing food
  • Some difficulty speaking
  • Wrinkles may appear around your mouth area
  • Changes in the fit of your dentures
  • You may experience more headaches, or pain in the jaw and facial area

One should not wait for jaw bone loss to happen when a simple bone graft can help the case.

What can you expect from our bone grafting procedure?

Dr. Avi Israeli at Sage Dental and Facial Spa in Wall, NJ, has been highly trained on multiple different types of bone grafting procedures. Depending upon the procedure that will follow or how soon we anticipate placing dental implants, will determine the type of material we will use. This bone graft material augments your own healthy bone and stimulates new growth of bone in the area. As this occurs, over time, it replaces the grafting material with newer healthier bone. 

Once the bone has integrated into your jaw well, we can begin the next stage of the process which is to place an implant fixture into the bone, or we can simply create the denture or bridge that we wanted to support the function in that area.  This new bone should provide a nice stable foundation for a successful restorative option in the future.

If you are having trouble with dentures or are thinking about dental implants or bone grafting, be sure to contact us to check out your options.


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