New Jersey Dental Implants

New Jersey Dental Implants Sage Dental uses the latest titanium New Jersey dental implants. Our good rapport with the best dental labs ensure the highest quality in affordable dental implants. The implants will be completely done in the office by our resident dentist, Dr. Israeli. He has advanced certifications in implant dentistry, so you do not have to worry about making multiple appointments with other doctors.

Losing one’s teeth has many consequences more serious than self-consciousness. You will not be able to eat certain types of food that require chewing. You might also develop speech problems and even nutrition problems, as well as weakening and loss of other teeth, and stiff jaws. A lot of people don’t even consider New Jersey dental implants for fear of the recovery period being long.
Thanks to the advancement in general dentistry and dental implantation, you can now opt for ImmediaTeeth and have your dental implant pins done within the day. Some patients are able to return to their normal routine and even go back to work the following day after getting ImmediaTeeth implants.
At first, you will be using temporary prosthesis. After the implants have bonded with your jaw bones, you can then be fitted with your new prosthetic teeth. After receiving your implants, it is best to have a soft food diet for at least 2 months since chewing and biting can put pressure on teeth and gums. Should you experience any discomfort, over-the-counter medication and cold compress should suffice.
If you have any more concerns regarding New Jersey dental implants, contact Sage Dental. We offer our patients different options that will best suit their needs. Visit our state-of-the-art clinic and talk to our friendly and experienced staff, and board certified anaesthesiologist. We have modern dental and surgical suites and a comfortable waiting room. You can call Sage Dental at (732) 456-8519 to request a consultation.
New Jersey Dental Implants

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