Denture Implants New York

Denture Implants New York Four of the best options in denture implants New York are offered at Sage Dental, so be sure to schedule a visit with Dr. Israeli if you want advanced dental implants at a fraction of the cost. We provide crowns, full and partial dentures, ImmediaTEETH permanent dentures, and single or multi-tooth dental implants.  

Dentures are clearly the cheapest solution for tooth loss but they are not necessarily the best choice. One of the main problems with dentures is that they are very uncomfortable to wear. Since they are just fitted into the mouth, there is a chance that they will slide out of while you are talking and eating. Today, there are denture implants New York to prevent that from happening.
Dentures that are made from plastic are easier to adjust but they don’t look natural. Another problem with dentures is that it must be cleaned and removed frequently. The adhesive of the denture also tends to trap food debris, which can increase gum disease and decay. With implants, adhesive is no longer needed as it will serve as the foundation for dentures.
Sage Dental offers denture implants New York made from titanium. Aside from creating a strong foundation, titanium is able to bond with the jawbone well. Typical dentures make it harder to eat. So you might have to limit yourself to a soft food diet. With denture implants, you only need to stick to a soft food diet during your recovery period but after that, you can eat pretty much anything you want.
To find out if you can be fitted with denture implants or to know other options to address tooth loss, set a free consultation with Sage Dental. Just complete our online form for inquiries and appointment requests.  
Denture Implants New York

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