Dental Implant Cost New York

Dental Implant Cost New York Dental implants are not that expensive if you get them from Sage Dental. Make an appointment with Dr. Avi Israeli, DDS so you can visit his full service dental clinic and surgical center for an evaluation and to learn about dental implant cost New York. You can find out about your dental implant options on our website.  

Wondering about dental implant cost New York? There is no fixed price because the total cost still depends on how many teeth will be replaced or what kind of artificial teeth will be used. There are of course other options for you to choose from, like bridges and dentures. Dentures are pretty cheap when you compare them to dental implants but they are by far the least permanent and least comfortable to use. Not only do they look unnatural—they can also be disruptive while you are talking and eating. Bridges are permanent solutions but can only work on certain types of lost tooth problems. They are ideal for replacing one lost tooth positioned between two good ones. So if you need a full set of lower teeth, this isn’t the right option. 
If you want an affordable yet simple and effective solution, cheaper than dental implant cost New York opt for ImmediaTeeth from Sage Dental. This type of dental implant only requires as few as 4 dental implant pins to offer a complete lower or upper set of teeth. The pins will be placed at an angle at the jaw then prosthetic, natural-looking (and –feeling) teeth will be positioned.
To know more about ImmediaTeeth, feel free to browse our website. You may also call Sage Dental for a free consultation at (732) 456-8519. For inquiries on our other services like Pediatric, Preventative, Cosmetic, and General Dentistry, fill up the contact form.
Dental Implant Cost New York

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