Cosmetic Dentist New York

Cosmetic Dentist New York According to research, smoking is the number one cause of yellowing teeth. But smokers aren’t the only ones who suffer with this problem. Tea, soda, wine, and coffee lovers are also susceptible to discoloration. Get your pearly, white teeth and confident smile back by booking a cosmetic dentist New York. Just fill up the contact form on our website to get an appointment.

Cosmetic dentistry covers different services that aim to improve and restore your smile. Teeth whitening is one of the services that a cosmetic dentist New York can provide, but not every cosmetic dentist in the area can provide one-hour whitening treatment. In-office whitening is a safe and revolutionary way to effectively whiten your stained teeth fast. The results can be dramatic and are typically evident in an hour, making the treatment faster and more effective than using strips, whitening trays, and whitening gels.
A good one-hour whitening treatment should make your teeth at least six to ten shades whiter. A one-hour in-office teeth whitening treatment is provided to patients with brown or yellow stained teeth due to frequent smoking and consumption of sodas, coffee, tea, red wine, and certain medications. Teeth whitening is also ideal for patients with genetically discolored teeth or those who have a naturally dull color.
Teeth discoloration may occur due to an aged tooth enamel or excessive fluoridation and fluoride deposits. The results of a teeth whitening treatment may vary from patient to patient, but the results are more noticeable compared to what over-the-counter whitening products and traditional whitening procedures can provide.
Learn more about this procedure from a cosmetic dentist New York like Dr. Avi Israeli here at Sage Dental. We can provide a one-hour whitening treatment at a price that is lower than most other dentists in New York. Call Sage Dental at (732) 456-8519 to make an appointment or contact us through this website.
Cosmetic Dentist New York
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