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dentures new york If you start to lose your teeth, you should visit a dentist immediately. They can discuss with you options on what to do, such as getting dentures New York. You can also learn more about preventive oral care dentistry for the future. Check our website to learn how we can help you with our dental services.  

Millions of Americans lose their teeth due to gingivitis, tooth decay, or injuries. Dentures and bridges were the only treatment options for many years, but nowadays, it’s easy to get dental implants. There are dentists that can provide stronger dentures New York with dental implants, too. They are designed to replace missing teeth roots and they provide a strong foundation for removable or fixed replacement teeth. Here are just some of the reasons to switch to dental implants:
Improved speech - Poorly fitted dentures can slip out of your mouth and cause you to slur or mumble. Dental implants are more secure, so you do not have to worry about them slipping out when you speak or laugh out loud.
They look and feel better - The titanium rod or screw will fuse with your jaw bone, so dental implants are more comfortable. And because they look like real teeth, they can restore your self esteem. Now you can smile confidently again.
Eat and chew well - Chewing can be difficult with sliding dentures. Dental implants are like your own teeth, so you can confidently and painlessly chew your favorite food.
Better oral health - Patients who have switched to dental implants with dentures New York reported improvements in their oral health because the system did not require the altering of their existing teeth structure.
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Find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants with dentures. Sign up for a free consultation here at Sage Dental to learn more about dental implants. We are New York's premier dental implant center in Wall, New Jersey. Sage Dental is comfortable and spa-like, so a visit to the dentist does not have to be scary and nerve-racking.
Dentures New York

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Dentist New York

According to research, brushing and flossing alone can’t ensure healthy gums and teeth. Visit a dentist New York at least twice a year to have your teeth checked and cleaned. Sometimes the intake of coffee and tea can cause discoloration that can’t be removed by brushing. Go to our website to see what we can do for you.

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According to research, smoking is the number one cause of yellowing teeth. But smokers aren’t the only ones who suffer with this problem. Tea, soda, wine, and coffee lovers are also susceptible to discoloration. Get your pearly, white teeth and confident smile back by booking a cosmetic dentist New York. Just fill up the contact form on our website to get an appointment.

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