Dental Implants

dental implants Do you have missing teeth because of an accident, or simply because of aging? But don’t worry, you can easily smile again with the help of dental implants. If you want to know more about pre- and post-op implants, as well as the other oral care, visit our website.  

Dental implants are among your options if you want a more natural and long-lasting way to restore your smile. Implants can provide more advantages compared to traditional teeth restoration methods like dental bridges and dentures. You should consider it if you want to restore your teeth with a single appointment. There are dentists who can do implants without removing or altering your existing tooth structure.
Once they are placed, the implants function and look exactly like natural teeth. They securely latch onto the jawbone, so they prevent receding gums and bone loss, both of which can be caused by unwanted byproducts of some low-quality bridges and dentures. Implants provide more predictable results, so more dentists may recommend them over traditional dentures.
Dental implants do not need to rely on neighboring teeth for support, so your existing teeth can maintain their healthy enamel for better oral health. Implants do not feel awkward in your mouth as much as typical dentures do, so you can comfortably chew, speak, and smile normally again without worrying about them falling off.
Learn more about implants from Dr. Israeli here at Sage Dental. Schedule a free consultation so we can evaluate your overall oral health and discover if dental implants are right for you. We also offer other options like high-quality full and partial dentures and crowns. Sage Dental is a leader in implant dentistry in New Jersey and New York.

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Affordable Dental Implants

Implant dentistry is one of the specialties at Sage Dental, a full service dental practice and surgical center in New York and New Jersey. We provide affordable dental implants, so you do not have to sacrifice quality and your smile for your budget. Learn more about your options in affordable dental implants on our website today.  

New York Dental Implants

Find out your options in New York dental implants at Sage Dental. We are a premier dental implant center and surgical facility that provides a good selection of reasonably priced and high-quality dental implants from full and partial dentures to permanent denture systems like ImmediaTEETH, and multi-tooth and single tooth dental implants.  

New Jersey Dental Implants

Sage Dental uses the latest titanium New Jersey dental implants. Our good rapport with the best dental labs ensure the highest quality in affordable dental implants. The implants will be completely done in the office by our resident dentist, Dr. Israeli. He has advanced certifications in implant dentistry, so you do not have to worry about making multiple appointments with other doctors.

Dental Implants New York

Don’t think twice about getting dental implants New York if you really need it. This procedure can do more than just boost your self-esteem and improve your appearance. Studies show that it can also improve overall comfort, as it makes it easier to talk and eat. Book an appointment by filling up the contact form on our website.

Dental Implants New Jersey

Dental implants New Jersey can do more than just complete your set of teeth. Implants can also improve your appearance and the way you eat. Good–quality implants will surely last for years to come. If you are interested in this dental procedure, whether you lost your teeth to aging or complications, book an appointment on our website.  

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